The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) unites professionals with different views around the country’s core development agenda to support informed decision-making.
Our mission is to provide top level expertise, strategic advice and project implementation capacity in institutional and social development, strategic communication, participatory democracy and social cohesion/conflict resolution. We rely on the best local and international expertise and successful examples of other countries to achieve results.
We focus on the best development outcomes. A non-partisan approach uniting professionals with different views is what distinguishes us.
IPIS provides expertise, research and project design/implementation capacity in the following areas:

IPIS Members

  • Vasile Sova Former Minister for Reintegration and Moldova’s Chief Negotiator for the Transnistrian conflict
  • Vladislav Kulminski Former Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister
  • Andrei Popov Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Moldova’s Ambassador to Austria and the OSCE
  • Iulian Groza Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of EU integration issues
  • Vadim Pistrinciuc Former Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister and former Deputy Minister for Labor, Social Protection and Family
  • Alina Mîțu Programs Director IPIS

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